We’re the first creator friendly fund backed by the founders of Cameo, Spotify, Twitch, Zoom & platforms built for builders, creators, and individual contributors.
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We host a number of community-led events each week for founders and friends of Worklife.

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  • Building An Audience with Sophia Amoruso
  • The Worklife Annual Meeting
  • The Business of Gaming with 100 Thieves
Brianne Kimmel - worklife founder
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Brianne Kimmel, Founder & Managing Partner
I started Worklife to reimagine work alongside thoughtful founders building new opportunities for every creator, designer, developer and individual who uses the tech we've backed.
Prior to starting the firm, I was an angel investor on evenings and weekends.

I write high conviction checks in early stage companies & build systematic programs to help technical founders with go-to-market.

If you're actively raising, I make investment decisions in 24-48 hours.