We’re the first venture capital firm designed for a new era.

Where work is more creative and anyone can start something.

Where life is more flexible and not tied to an office. Where everyone is a triple threat.

Our network
We’re operators with a deep network of creators, developer evangelists, product designers and engineers.

We’re backed by the founders of Cameo, Spotify, Twitch, Zoom and platforms built for builders, creators, and individual contributors. 
Our philosophy
We help technical teams with the not so technical stuff.

You’re never too early. We meet founders early, typically before they leave their last thing. We don't wait for a lead investor, we introduce you to them.

We’re occasionally late. We play the long game and back companies irrespective of company stage. If we missed your last round, put us to work before your next one.

We take fun seriously. The best jobs today started as entertainment or a side project: streamers on Twitch, contributors on GitHub, influencers on Instagram and retailers on Shopify.

We look for emerging trends. We typically find them on Discord, Reddit, and sometimes Animal Crossing.

We create community. A new social network for designers in Figma. A family talent show to help parents stuck at home. We create, hack, and build with a lot of personality.
Our portfolio
Vlad Magdalindecorative icon - pink speech bubble
Brianne is a community builder and incredible asset to the low-code community. She continues to be a hands-on investor and mentor to the team even after the next round.
Vlad Magdalin
Webflow, CEO
Sophia Amorusodecorative icon - heart
I learn so much in every conversation with Brianne. She has deep expertise and she cares. I’m a proud investor in WLV and would back anything Brianne does.
Sophia Amoruso
Nasty Gal, Girlboss, Investor

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Our studios
Worklife Studios is a first-of-its-kind community space designed in collaboration with artists, chefs, designers, and remote workers.

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