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love to work!

list oriented

always has music playing

I’m extremely proud to say that I am a part of a venture capitalist firm that invests in programs and startups that are actually beneficial and influential.

Aris Jeffers

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I am a young creative from Charleston, SC, living in Los Angeles. I enjoy working alongside artists and business professionals to gain a greater understanding of the business side of the artistic world. I love all things food, art, and love a good challenge!

Favorite Places and Local Businesses

  1. Il caffe - DTLA coffee shop
  2. Yuko Kitchen - DTLA Asian cuisine
  3. Gimme Danger - Vintage Clothing store

What moment in your career are you the proudest of?

Having a job position that requires me to be both creative and professional. I am so intrigued by by the arts in general, but also new forms that are now accepted and being brought to light. I am so lucky to be a part of a team that has like minded individuals, I cannot wait to learn more about the true business side of things. I’m extremely proud to say that I am a part of a venture capitalist firm that invests in programs and startups that are actually beneficial and influential.

What trends are you most excited about right now?

I am super interested and excited about the music NFT movement. I feel as though it will help artists not only gain exposure but also will make fans/supporters feel more connected to the artist. Seeing my musician friends that have tapped into that industry succeed is so exciting. Though this is a bit of a broad and maybe even basic trend, I am really excited about the wave of second hand items. Vintage reselling (both clothing and furniture), thrifting, etc. though it has become so popular, it’s a great way to recycle and it could be really helpful for the environment if it becomes more regulated.

What founder inspires you the most?

Sophia Amoruso, founder of Nastygal. Her story is inspiring in so many ways, one being the fact her multi-million dollar company started in the back of her ‘87 Volvo. She’s a driven, hardworking, and bada** business woman. She has an incredible book called #GIRLBOSS, a show, also called #GIRLBOSS based on her life, started a community for women in the business industry, and now has her own company to help entrepreneurs start their dream business. She’s got an insane resume and her press is extremely impressive.

How do you make your worklife better?

I am huge on music in every setting. Fortunately, I am able to work from anywhere so I can always have music playing wherever I am. I also am big on having days where I avoid thinking about work at all, just completely existing in my own plane.

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Brianne is very involved with helping us recruit people and building connections with other companies. She reached out to us when we were early stage. She is super pro about the future of work and remote work.
Shuo Wang
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Brianne is a community builder and incredible asset to the low-code community. She continues to be a hands-on investor and mentor to the team even after the next round.
Vlad Magdalin
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It’s hard for investors to build value in companies they invest in, but Brianne embodies the thing that she wants to help with. She works hard to get in on the best deals and she has this thesis on remote work, and side hustles. This is the next generation of younger entrepreneurs, and they have the tools to have multiple revenue streams.
Ronak Trivedi
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We met through a friend and investor, and it was like we could finish each other’s sentences. Brianne lives and breathes what this space is all about. We have a shared vision of what the future will look like.
Eric Winters
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Brianne's network is phenomenal. She's also willing to offer support in other ways, like flying cross-country for one of our company's happy hours. She goes the extra mile.
Johnny Boufarhat
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Brianne has managed to invest in some great companies, and has a good pulse on the future of remote and hybrid work and the need for modern tools for people to collaborate, and that has hugely accelerated. She had good insight from the get-go in 2019, which has become more true.
Christoph Janz
Point Nine Capital

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