Work Life Ventures is a future of work focused fund.
We invest in Seed & Series A rounds with an average check size of $100K.

Our recent investments include: 

1. Tools that make freelancing possible: personal finance, legal, healthcare

2. Marketplaces that give skilled labor, especially creative class, access to more work and new ways to make money

3. Collaborative software: education, design, low-code and other technologies built for a highly engaged community with inherently social/collaborative features

Our portfolio includes companies like Webflow, Voiceflow, Tandem, Command E and 20+ others.

Backed by Marc Andreessen, Chris Dixon, Matt Mazzeo, Alexis Ohanian, Garry Tan and other investors in Silicon Valley.
With support from Zoom CEO Eric Yuan, InVision CEO Clark Valberg and executives from Dropbox, Drift, Slack, Webflow and more. 💪