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Things to note

I take a cooking class whenever I visit a city for the first time. Chiang Mai, Singapore, Shanghai, Sydney... It’s like a souvenir that I can share with friends when I get home. I also collect cook books.

I own 9 LeBron James jerseys. I grew up in Northeast Ohio and watched Lebron play in high school, so I started collecting them as soon as I could.

My favorite TV show is Nathan For You. Coincidentally, I discovered my father-in-law is an extra on the show after I was already obsessed with it.

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Brianne Kimmel is a Ukrainian-American venture capitalist, published author, expert on the future of work, and philanthropist.

Kimmel is one of the angel investors and operators who started their own funds during 2020’s rise of solo general partners.

Kimmel is the founder and managing director of Worklife, a future-of-work focused venture capital firm.

In its first two years in business, Worklife has backed 9 unicorns including Webflow, Tonal, Hopin, Clubhouse, Public, Deel, and Pipe.

At the forefront of Worklife’s narrative is the idea that anyone can start a business, creative project, or other endeavor.

“I started Worklife to reimagine work alongside thoughtful founders, building new opportunities for every creator, designer, developer and individual who uses the tech we've backed. Prior to starting the firm, I was an angel investor on evenings and weekends.

I write high conviction checks in early stage companies & build systematic programs to help technical founders with go-to-market. If you're actively raising, I make investment decisions in 24-48 hours.”

I live in LA with my partner Jian-Yang, otherwise known as Jimmy O. Yang (@funnyasiandude).

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