The Freelancer Bingo Card

How many squares can you check off?

Bingo card for freelancers

Illustration by Nicole Album

Everyone's a freelancer — or at least, that's what it feels like. Even if contracting isn't your full-time gig, you might do some 1099 projects on the side. The stats show the truth: the U.S. freelance workforce has grown to a whopping 57 million people. And a new survey by freelance platform Upwork found that 20% of people who are now full-time employees—10 million people—are considering doing freelance work in the coming months / years. That would be a nearly 20% increase.

Whether you're new to the freelance life or just jumping in, it takes a special kind of person to be able to hack it. Not only do you have to be self-motivated and be your own boss, but you have to worry about things like invoicing, setting project fees, and quarterly taxes. The hustle of freelancing is real.

We've created a bingo card so you can see just how much of the freelance life you're going through right now. Make sure to share it on social and tag us @worklifevc.

Download a high-res version of the Freelancer Bingo Card.

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