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Join Worklife friends from Loom, Zapier, Trello, and Superhuman as we unpack early go-to-market topics on pricing & packaging, platform-first thinking, and more.

Matt Hodges, previously Atlassian, Intercom, Loom, and now advisor to Command E.

We're rolling out a weekly series on early stage go-to-market for founders, first hires, and new friends of the firm.

These discussions will cover specific tactics and lessons learned at high growth software companies like Atlassian, Intercom, Loom, Trello, Zapier, and Superhuman.

If you're new to the Worklife community, you can find all of our community discussions on YouTube.

Don't miss these curated discussions: 

Pricing & Packaging with Matt Hodges: RSVP here

A zero to one discussion with Matt Hodges, previously Atlassian, Intercom, Loom now an advisor to Command E and Vowel.

We'll discuss: 

- pricing tests while in closed beta

- best practices for pricing & packaging post-launch

- optimizing product for expansion & upsells

Product onboarding & customer success: RSVP here

In this discussion, we'll learn best practices from Superhuman first growth hire Sahar.

We'll discuss

- designing your onboarding experience

- high touch programs vs. self-serve nurtures

- expanding from single player to multi-player

Zero to one Marketing: RSVP here

A discussion with Stella Garber, the first marketer at Trello who build and scaled all marketing functions to $425 million acquisition and beyond.

We'll discuss: 

- the roles and responsibilities for your first marketing hire

- the role of content at the earliest stages

- the critical parts of a successful GTM plan

Platform-first thinking & product integrations: RSVP here

A discussion with Andrew Edelman, Head of Strategic & Platform Partnerships at Zapier where he is responsible for building and expanding partnerships with 3,000+ SaaS apps.

We'll discuss: 

- the principles of platform-first thinking

- market sizing and resources for integrations

- when to build an apps marketplace

- programs and automation to support partners

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