Meet the Worklife Team

After running the fund as a one-woman show for years, I couldn't be more excited for everyone to meet the new Worklife team!

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There’s no question the way we live and work has changed a lot since I started Worklife in 2019. 

With nearly every type of work brought online during the pandemic and more people leaving boring corporate jobs as part of the Great Resignation, more and more individuals are building their own businesses, going full-time on side hustles, creatively reimagining work, and generally just starting something.

More often than not, technology is the key to these risk-takers’ success. Platforms like Pietra, Webflow, and Cashdrop give everyday people the tools (and security) they need to:

  • Build a brand
  • Grow an audience, create a community 
  • Become a creator/founder in control of their own worklife to achieve more than the traditional 9-5 

I started Worklife to reimagine work, not only for people who work in tech, but also all types of entrepreneurs like food truck founders, vintage curators, self-taught tradespeople, and all types of creative people who use technology on a daily basis. 

That’s why— after building Worklife on my own from home during the pandemic —I couldn’t be more excited to welcome five new members to the team.

With expertise ranging from social entrepreneurship to trend spotting, these new additions are going to be instrumental in driving Worklife even further into the future.

Please meet them below!

New Worklife team member Priscilla Lu smiles in front of a window revealing NYC lit up at night.

Priscilla Lu, Executive Assistant

Building a better future of work for everyone—elementary educators to software engineers—is fun, but requires nonstop momentum. There’s a ton to do and our team couldn’t get by without an organizational all-star.

That’s why we brought on Priscilla Lu as executive assistant. 

Priscilla has been supporting high profile CEOs for years. She’s a perfect fit for the Worklife team because A) I need all the help I can get (see my schedule in this post about remote work tips) and B) she is:

  • Super senior and well-connected 
  • A time management wizard
  • A wealth of WFH best practice knowledge 

As work continues to evolve, best practices for balancing careers and life will too. Priscilla will be a key player in keeping our team running smoothly.

“After a 30 minute conversation with Bri I knew that I wanted to join Worklife. The mission aligned perfectly with everything I believe in. I was inspired by Bri and wanted to support her in this journey of creating something new. Who can say no to a strong, independent business woman?”


New Worklife team member Aris Jeffers poses and looks at the camera.

Aris Jeffers, Events & Partnerships Manager

Local communities are just as vital as flexible, customizable work. As we continue to invest in the tools ushering in the future of work, we want to simultaneously create opportunities for neighbors, innovators, founders and curious minds to come together. 

We’ve already been bringing people and ideas together through Worklife community events like Now, New, Next, a virtual speaking series that featured people like Arianna Huffington, Phil Libin, and Alexis Gay on topics including:

The next step is to create these conversations IRL. To help cook up these experiences, we brought on Aris Jeffers as our Events & Partnerships Manager. You can think of her as Worklife’s vibe curator. 

Aris is a young and super connected creative. This is her first job in tech. We’re super excited to have a team member who can lead on-the-ground events as Worklife continues to grow.

“I joined the Worklife team with no question after getting to know Bri a little better. Not only is she a total badass, female, and incredibly intelligent, but her work is inspiring and something anyone would want to be a part of. I am easily the youngest on the team and I feel so lucky to be a part of something that has the potential to really explode and make a positive impact in both the tech and creative/arts world.”

What’s Next for Worklife?

Worklife has been able to achieve a ton during its years as a one-woman show. 

With a full team aboard, our capacity has skyrocketed. Stay tuned for updates on what we’re building behind the scenes, from stealth portfolio company debuts to unique IRL events. 

Want to learn more about Worklife or our stellar team in the meantime? Drop me a line on Twitter. ∎

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